New technologies in eye diseases make you smile

New technologies in eye diseases make you smile, New technologies are now applied in the treatment of eye diseases such as dry eye, styes, various eye inflammations, eyelid drooping/drooping.¬†Stating that these diseases can be treated more quickly with new treatment alternatives using modern technologies …

The healthier the eyes that open us to the world, the more joyfully we look at the world through those two windows. Any health problem in the eyes affects people negatively. There are new treatment alternatives using advanced technologies for aesthetic problems around the eyes such as dry eye or drooping eyelids and drooping, which have increased in frequency in recent years. Good sleep and balanced nutrition, limited and appropriate screen use and periodic eye checks are very important for eye health. 

Dry eye is one of the fastest growing eye health problems.

Dry eye is one of the fastest growing eye health problems today. If early precautions are not taken, it can not only impair quality of life, but also lead to ocular surface disorders and chronic eye diseases. Dry eye has been treated for years with various drops and pomades. However, there are now powerful technologies at the forefront of treatments for this important problem. One of these, and the most effective, is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) / intense pulse laser therapy‚Ķ After the physician’s examination, firstly, the duration and frequency of the sessions are planned with an application that measures the severity of dryness or ocular disease, and then laser is applied to the patient by the physician. The method, which does not disturb the daily routine of the patient, also pleases the patients with its results. 

In 3-5 sessions, a significant increase in the patient’s quality of life can be seen.

When IPL treatment and LLT (Lower Level Light) therapy combined mask treatments are used together for a total of 3-5 sessions, long-term improvement and a significant increase in the quality of life of the patient are achieved. Although there is no specific age range for the method, it is more commonly used in advanced ages, where it is common. However, it is also preferred as a useful application in children with chronic or frequently recurring blepharitis/stye problems. In addition to dry eyes; It also gives effective results in the deterioration of the protective layer of the tear film and various eyelid inflammations, accompanying lid and eye surface problems in patients with acne rosacea (rose disease). It is also a satisfactory method for some clinical manifestations such as recurrent eyelid cysts and styes. 

Appropriate patient selection is very important.

Eyelid drooping and drooping, tightening of the tissues around the eyes, antiaging around the eyes, fat accumulating around the eyes (xanthalesma), non-malignant masses around the eyes, papillomas, syringoma, lid margin masses (some, non-malignant), some ocular surface disorders PLEXR Plasma Energy is applied as a method that allows the skin and subcutaneous tissues to renew and heal themselves. In short, this innovative technology triggers a kind of wound healing mechanism. It is a very effective method in mild and moderate drooping or drooping eyelids, but it may not be suitable for every droopy eyelid. Although it is not a surgical procedure, it is the ophthalmologist who will decide whether it is appropriate for the patient. In this respect, appropriate patient selection is very important. For example, those with immune system or some systemic diseases, It is not recommended for those who have a predisposition to pigmentation on their skin. It is possible to say that it provides 3-5 years of protection in terms of effectiveness and permanence. Its low cost, its ability to be performed under local anesthesia, its applicability and repetition in an intervention room or semi-sterile environment make it an advantageous method. 

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